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Barclays has operated in Zambia for close to 100 years and is now one of the country’s foremost financial institutions in terms of financial strength, product offering & service capability. The Bank is currently represented by 70 offices comprising of full branches and Sales Centre throughout the country and is continuing to expand. It has a staff complement of about 1204.

Zambia is a country rich in natural resources, with an economy that is primarily based on the mining and export of copper and cobalt. Agriculture (particularly maize production) and manufacturing also make a significant contribution to national growth. There are recent developments in the Tourism sector contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and this is increasingly becoming an area of focus.

Trade and exchange rate liberalisation within Zambia have continued to facilitate international investment and to achieve an economic climate that encourages business development. Significant FDIs have been actualised especially given the confidence in the economy with debt canceled by co-operating partners. Over the years, the country has been able to register macro economic stability creating more investor confidence. Africa is becoming an increasingly important market in a global context. The increasing commitment from within is supported by several regional and global development agencies, all of which are committed to stimulating long-term business prospects. International corporate involvement in Africa is growing, and many major multinationals have recognised the need to implement coherent corporate strategies for Africa as a whole.


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