Express Credit Zambia

Express Credit Zambia


Express Credit Zambia


ExpressCredit is a leading provider of fast and flexible loans to employed Zambian individuals in need of short term and long term cash solutions. We ensure convenience for our customers by using innovative channels such as Mobile and Online applications as well as through our wide-spread branch network.

ExpressCredit is a registered micro-finance institution.

At ExpressCredit, we know each person has unique cash needs to meets unique obligations. Therefore, we stand by our promise to give you the following:

  • Quick access to your cash
  • First loan absolutely free for new customers. If you borrow K3000 today, you pay back K3000 on your next payday.
  • The option to roll-over or Extend your loan to the following payday to ease your pressure at your request.

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    Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Road. Lusaka, Zambia.


    +260 211 256 729