Riders Lounge

Riders Lounge


Riders Lounge


Riders Lounge lets you experience the new way of living! We are known for our delectable dishes, our wide collection of drinks, unique and enjoyable music and warm ambience. Pay us a visit to dare to live a little, go on and treat yourself to an experience that stands out.

Arcades Mall

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    Arcades Shopping Centre is a distinctive shopping destination that combines shopping with entertainment. You can choose between fast food, more intimate restaurants or instagram-worthy cafes. Plus for an adult night out, Times Cafe is your one stop entertainment pub and grill. For the latest movies, you can hit the soon to be launched Nu Metro cinema.

    Besides having a vibrant selection of shops, Arcades Shopping Centre is host to outdoor events like the popular Pakati Sunday Market


    Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Road. Lusaka, Zambia.


    +260 211 256 729