For two decades, Tyre-King have been making vehicles in Zambia safer. We treat every vehicle that enters our care as if it were our own, helping our customers to choose the right tyre for their vehicle and how they use it. From the smallest hatchback car to fleets of dozens of articulated trucks, we provide the service and support needed to keep tyres in excellent condition. The end result? Safer vehicles, and fewer accidents caused by poor-quality tyre maintenance.

Our focus on quality is the underpinning value that runs through our business from the brands we choose to stock, to our use of the latest technological advances in the equipment in our branches and right down to the training of our staff at every level of the business.

We are a people-centric, service-driven organisation at every level, and that’s something we’re rightly proud of. Every year, we select staff to support in furthering their academic education. We take care of the environment around us, supporting many grass-roots activities and local community projects.

When you choose Tyre-King, you choose a brand that cares: for you, for your vehicle, and for the community. Together we can make Zambia’s roads safer.

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    Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Road. Lusaka, Zambia.


    +260 211 256 729