Sundays are set aside as market day and the grounds of Arcades come alive for the main weekend attraction. There’s a hive of activity, a blaze of vibrant colour and a plethora of beautiful handmade Zambian arts and crafts on show. The famous Sunday Market also known as Pakati Market is open every Sunday from 09.00 to 17.00.

The Sunday Market has a good selection of clothes, jewelry, arts and crafts. If you want to collect curios, then the Sunday Market is the place to be. Some of its features includes small trees made out of copper wire and different gemstones like amethyst, citrine, quartz, red garnet. These are a definite art to add to your home decor.

This is a fun way to get all your traditional handmade art and craft gifts from Zambia, meet the artists and even watch them at work. This is a very popular market for both local and international visitors because there’s something for everyone – from inspired interior decorations for your home to easy to carry souvenirs and gifts. Definitely not to be missed!


    Arcades Shopping Centre is a distinctive shopping destination that combines shopping with entertainment. You can choose between fast food, more intimate restaurants or instagram-worthy cafes. Plus for an adult night out, Times Cafe is your one stop entertainment pub and grill. For the latest movies, you can hit the soon to be launched Nu Metro cinema.

    Besides having a vibrant selection of shops, Arcades Shopping Centre is host to outdoor events like the popular Pakati Sunday Market


    Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Road. Lusaka, Zambia.


    +260 211 256 729